Farewell to an Amazing 2008, Welcome a Challenging 2009

by on Dec.31, 2008, under livestudios

It’s a new year.. and I finally decided to start a personal blog. I’ve been blogging for LiveStudios Photography on a corporate level, but there are a lot of personal opinions which I don’t put up there, and we’ve been too busy in the last few months to update the blog. Furthurmore, with the launch of the Bloggers Calendar 2009, http://willyfoo.com is published and the old site hasn’t been updated for 3 years!!! How time flies! So it’s my 2009 resolution to spend more time blogging about my interests, marketing, technology & photography.

Well.. 2008 in summary has been nothing short of wonderful for me.

LiveStudios has experienced tremendous growth and we’ve achieved 723 photoshoots in 2008 with November being the busiest month at 94 photoshoots in a single month. We’ve had good staff join us in the last year and we’ve given out our first scholarship to our senior photographer Gideon Lim. Mike Hoi our GM has also been rewarded with a share of the company making him a shareholder of LiveStudios. Our client list has also expanded so much I have lost count already. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Unfortunately the financial crunch has to hit.. but it’s inevitable in my opinion. The property prices and credit market has been inflated way too much. A downturn is the only way the market knows how to correct itself to normality. The good news is however I think the market has over corrected itself that it’s dipping down too much and will recover a little hopefully soon.

With that I wish everyone a gracious New Year..
Why gracious .. u may ask.. I guess I’ll share my thoughts in another post.

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