Upgrading WordPress 2.3 to 2.7

by on Jan.01, 2009, under wordpress

The LiveStudios corporate blog used a theme called Freshy.. and had many issues moving to a newer version of WordPress for sometime..  I’ve been using http://willyfoo.com as a testbed to see if plugins or themes break and it was definitely so painful for 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 that I had to forgo updating it.

In comes WordPress 2.7, IMHO the best so far..

If I recall correctly 2.4 or 2.5 (Can’t remember now) had bugs with the text widgets on the right and kept messing up my navigation bar on the right. I also used a category cloud (which I figured by now I should be moving to tag cloud instead).

Here were the few complaints.

  1. Text widgets was buggy in ver 2.4/5 and I kept losing my text. After a few times I had to save a copy of the text on my hard disk and copy back in case it got lost again. Rearranging the sequence was also really buggy. WordPress 2.7 seemed to have an occasional problem in losing the widget upon shifting the order, but is easily solved by reloading.
  2. I used a category cloud widget on the right navigation bar. The widget unfortunately was supported up to ver 2.3. I realise I should probably use tags instead of categories since tag cloud is available by default. Now to find a way to easily convert categories to tags. (I thought I recall seeing it somewhere)
  3. Ohhh.. my favourite feature of v2.7… plugin upgrades are now painless!! No more downloading, unpacking, FTPing and activating!!!

Also installed a few plugins

  1. NextGen Gallery : Having problems uploading images, should be some permissions problem. Will solve later
  2. WPhone: A lightweight admin interface for the iPhone, worked well in v2.3.. will test this tomorrow
  3. WordPress PDA & iPhone: I love this.. displays the blog in the iPhone / mobile format!!!

You can also define a post as a sticky… in WordPress 2.3 I had to go a really cumbersome way of defining a page to show up first, resulting in a lot of visitors not even knowing that there is a blog.


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