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by on Sep.08, 2009, under wordpress

Whew.. it’s been ages since I updated or even touched this blog. But due to a WordPress Attack that’s going around, it forced me to upgrade my WordPress to ver 2.8.4.

Since i’m meddling with it now, might as well update it with a few new plugins like Facebook Connect and perhaps Facebook Updates..

Update: Ok.. need to get an API key from the Facebook Application Registration Page, it then asks me to wait for a while for the API Key to propogate to other servers but I’ve a feeling something’s missing here.

Update: What was missing is that I needed to fill in the “Connect URL” in the “Connect Tab” in “Edit Settings“! Viola.. please help me test if this works!

Update: Hmm.. the “Facebook Connect” button only shows up in the Site Admin login but not the comments box.. have to find out how to include that.

Update: A line needs to be included in comments.php

<?php do_action(‘fbc_display_login_button’) ?>

As instructed in http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/WP-FBConnect


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