How fast are USB 3.0 Hard Disks?

by on Apr.28, 2010, under technology

I was browsing South Asia Computer at Funan Centre one day and saw an ExpressCard for USB 3.0 and wondered if USB 3.0 devices were available already.
It turned out that ¬†Buffalo had a USB 3.0 DriveStation that was paired with the expresscard adapter since USB 3.0 notebooks aren’t available yet.

Bought them back and did a transfer..

showed approx 30MB/s

A 2nd transfer showed a little better results 37.8 MB/s

So being really curious what the speed jump was, I removed the ExpressCard slot and plugged the hard disk directly into the normal USB2.0 slot

It showed 20.7 MB/s .. meaning the USB3.0 almost doubles the transfer not too impressive, for the extra trouble of putting in the ExpressCard which needed some extra power via a USB power cable.

Makes sense when the computer/notebook already has USB3.0 slot, in which case you get double the speed without additional hassle.

Note: The tests are not entirely accurate as the files transferred on the last try were 4 large files, while the first 2 were many smaller files. But this should give an indication of the rough speed. Will have to do more precise measurements with benchmarking software later.

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