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by on Jul.20, 2012, under Uncategorized

Many would have wondered why my blog hasn’t been updated for a long time. Since I’ve started actively using facebook, it has been too troublesome updating the blog and linking it to facebook. And the comments are not linked.

Luckily a recent revisit I did for this turned up the plugin “Add Link to Facebook” which is supposed to integrate and automatically post articles up to a facebook profile wall or public page wall. It┬ásynchronises┬áthe comments as well. Now this makes sense and I’ve just installed it and giving it a try.

I had to uninstall a previous commenting system by DISQUS to see the comments automatically moving from WordPress to my facebook page. Nice.

The pro version of this plugin allows for multiple facebook accounts. I wonder if it means I’m able to sync the comments between my personal profile and facebook page too?

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