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Talk – Your Journey in Photography

by on Jan.14, 2009, under Uncategorized

We’re live at Geek Terminal and we’ll be taking down notes live and you may participate and ask your questions in the following link

Some of the topics I’ll be covering

  • Approach to Photography: Artistic vs Technical
  • What makes a good photo
  • Equipment – Camera Phone, PNS, Prosumer, DSLR
  • Equipment – Lenses, Flashes etc
  • Equipment – Where to Shop?
  • The Megapixel Myth
  • Genres of Photography
  • Post Processing, Archival
  • Photography Communities
  • Photography Classes
  • Turning Professional in Photography

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Syllabus for Photography Courses

by on Jan.07, 2009, under photography

The recession is the perfect time for education.. and since I’ve already been conducting workshops, I might as well conduct regular classes for photography.

I’ve just started a Facebook Page for Photography Classes. Please add yourself there if you’re keen on the classes.

Each class is 3 hrs each, once per week.

$240 for 4 classes: Beginners PNS (Point & Shoot) Course
$240 for 4 classes: Beginners DSLR Course
$600 for 8 classes: Intermediate DSLR Course
$600 for 8 classes: Advanced DSLR Course

These are tentative so far and will be tweaked based on response.

I’ll be collating the photography syllabus topics here.

(continue reading…)

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2009 Bloggers Calendar Launch

by on Jan.05, 2009, under marketing

The idea started when Pat Law suggested on 28th Nov that it would be cool to have a bloggers calendar and I bounced the idea off in Plurk. Soon volunteers like Daphne Maia, Claudia & Huishan offered to help to co-ordinate bloggers for the photoshoot. In just a week, we started our first photoshoot.. and everybody really enjoyed themselves with many meeting each other for the first time..

Take a look at some of the out-takes from the photoshoot.

During the photoshoot, some more really talented people like Dorothy & Darren offered to help with the design and online version respectively.

When the calendar cases arrived and I started to print the calendars, there were a lot who offered their help.. It was really sweet and really appreciated.. But we’ve designed it to be rather simple to administer.. (but thanks to dk99 for ta pau’ing me some food when I was printing) and daphne, nicole, dk99, clauds & farnelli for coming by to help print and pack the cases.

The launch was at Ice Cold Beer @ SMU and it was a really fun night of chatting, camwhoring, playing wii, pool & plurkjacking (thx).. Take a look  at some of the photos that night.

Finally, here’s the online version available at

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Mobile Blogging: WordPress for iPhone vs WPhone

by on Jan.02, 2009, under technology, wordpress

WordPress for iPhone (hereafter called the ‘Native App’ )allows creating and managing blog posts and pages offline and sending the update to the server when ready. You may also choose to save as a local draft or save the draft on the server.

This first part is composed on this native app.

 * Insert with WPhone *
Seems like I can’t scroll down so I have to insert this edit onto the top of the post.

WPhone is a wordpress plugin that formats the admin pages for the iPhone. (Gosh it’s too frustrating not being able to scroll around that I’ve to switch back to the native app now)

Navigating around is slower than the native application as it has to load each page from the server.

* Editing via native app*
All your blog posts are listed out in the familar iPhone style lists and editing it is simple. I do wish I could upload images in the iPhone photo library like the Facebook for iPhone app. (Update: Just saw the option to upload picture option).

* Editing via Browser *
In summary, the WPhone has more options available than the native app. But the native app is probably a much better choice if you want to write and edit a blog.

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Upgrading WordPress 2.3 to 2.7

by on Jan.01, 2009, under wordpress

The LiveStudios corporate blog used a theme called Freshy.. and had many issues moving to a newer version of WordPress for sometime..  I’ve been using as a testbed to see if plugins or themes break and it was definitely so painful for 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 that I had to forgo updating it.

In comes WordPress 2.7, IMHO the best so far..

If I recall correctly 2.4 or 2.5 (Can’t remember now) had bugs with the text widgets on the right and kept messing up my navigation bar on the right. I also used a category cloud (which I figured by now I should be moving to tag cloud instead).

Here were the few complaints.

  1. Text widgets was buggy in ver 2.4/5 and I kept losing my text. After a few times I had to save a copy of the text on my hard disk and copy back in case it got lost again. Rearranging the sequence was also really buggy. WordPress 2.7 seemed to have an occasional problem in losing the widget upon shifting the order, but is easily solved by reloading.
  2. I used a category cloud widget on the right navigation bar. The widget unfortunately was supported up to ver 2.3. I realise I should probably use tags instead of categories since tag cloud is available by default. Now to find a way to easily convert categories to tags. (I thought I recall seeing it somewhere)
  3. Ohhh.. my favourite feature of v2.7… plugin upgrades are now painless!! No more downloading, unpacking, FTPing and activating!!!

Also installed a few plugins

  1. NextGen Gallery : Having problems uploading images, should be some permissions problem. Will solve later
  2. WPhone: A lightweight admin interface for the iPhone, worked well in v2.3.. will test this tomorrow
  3. WordPress PDA & iPhone: I love this.. displays the blog in the iPhone / mobile format!!!

You can also define a post as a sticky… in WordPress 2.3 I had to go a really cumbersome way of defining a page to show up first, resulting in a lot of visitors not even knowing that there is a blog.

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Farewell to an Amazing 2008, Welcome a Challenging 2009

by on Dec.31, 2008, under livestudios

It’s a new year.. and I finally decided to start a personal blog. I’ve been blogging for LiveStudios Photography on a corporate level, but there are a lot of personal opinions which I don’t put up there, and we’ve been too busy in the last few months to update the blog. Furthurmore, with the launch of the Bloggers Calendar 2009, is published and the old site hasn’t been updated for 3 years!!! How time flies! So it’s my 2009 resolution to spend more time blogging about my interests, marketing, technology & photography.

Well.. 2008 in summary has been nothing short of wonderful for me.

LiveStudios has experienced tremendous growth and we’ve achieved 723 photoshoots in 2008 with November being the busiest month at 94 photoshoots in a single month. We’ve had good staff join us in the last year and we’ve given out our first scholarship to our senior photographer Gideon Lim. Mike Hoi our GM has also been rewarded with a share of the company making him a shareholder of LiveStudios. Our client list has also expanded so much I have lost count already. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Unfortunately the financial crunch has to hit.. but it’s inevitable in my opinion. The property prices and credit market has been inflated way too much. A downturn is the only way the market knows how to correct itself to normality. The good news is however I think the market has over corrected itself that it’s dipping down too much and will recover a little hopefully soon.

With that I wish everyone a gracious New Year..
Why gracious .. u may ask.. I guess I’ll share my thoughts in another post.

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