What I learned from 2 million followers

by on Nov.03, 2016, under marketing, social media

I compiled these slides with a heavy heart after losing my facebook page on 8th Jun 2016.
Giving this talk is perhaps my way to memorializing 5 years of work and countless hours put in.

Not all is lost, I learnt a lot in the process and I know what makes the web and people tick.
I’m relieved I don’t have to put in all the time and effort to maintain this baby which has grown too big to handle.

So farewell to my 2.15 million followers, you will be missed.

What I learned from 2 million followers



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Photography for Event Management

by on May.18, 2010, under marketing, photography

Giving a talk about photography to a group of event marketers at Orchid Country Club

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Talk on ‘Tuning your Social Media Strategy’

by on May.14, 2010, under marketing

Gave a talk to a group from the Rotary Club during a lunch meeting. Attached the slides here for reference

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Creating the Facebook ‘Like’ button on your website/blog

by on Apr.23, 2010, under marketing, technology, wordpress

It’s much simpler than I expected! I originally wanted to leave it till i’m back home but did it in less than 5 mins..

All you need to do is to fill in the boxes to generate the code at

My code looks like

<iframe src=”;layout=standard&amp;show_faces=true
&amp;width=280&amp;action=like&amp;colorscheme=light” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true” style=”border:none;
overflow:hidden; width:280px; height:px”></iframe>

If you’re using WordPress, just go to Widgets and create a text widget and paste it in! Simple as that!

Update (27th Apr) : If you want to add the ‘Like’ or ‘Recommend’ button to individual blog posts, just add a plug-in.
There are a few available, I’m using

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2009 Bloggers Calendar Launch

by on Jan.05, 2009, under marketing

The idea started when Pat Law suggested on 28th Nov that it would be cool to have a bloggers calendar and I bounced the idea off in Plurk. Soon volunteers like Daphne Maia, Claudia & Huishan offered to help to co-ordinate bloggers for the photoshoot. In just a week, we started our first photoshoot.. and everybody really enjoyed themselves with many meeting each other for the first time..

Take a look at some of the out-takes from the photoshoot.

During the photoshoot, some more really talented people like Dorothy & Darren offered to help with the design and online version respectively.

When the calendar cases arrived and I started to print the calendars, there were a lot who offered their help.. It was really sweet and really appreciated.. But we’ve designed it to be rather simple to administer.. (but thanks to dk99 for ta pau’ing me some food when I was printing) and daphne, nicole, dk99, clauds & farnelli for coming by to help print and pack the cases.

The launch was at Ice Cold Beer @ SMU and it was a really fun night of chatting, camwhoring, playing wii, pool & plurkjacking (thx).. Take a look  at some of the photos that night.

Finally, here’s the online version available at

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