Interview on Photo360 Competition on 93.8FM

by on Apr.30, 2010, under photography

I was judging for the Microsoft’s Photo360 competition which had teams of photographers go around Singapore capturing a PhotoSynth of a place.

Click to hear the 2 parts of the radio interview

Microsoft Photo360 Competition part 1/2

Microsoft Photo360 Competition part 2/2

John Fernandes & Myself before we started the interview

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Portraits Video Compilation [HD]

by on Oct.13, 2009, under photography

Been uploading a few videos in Facebook’s HD quality.
Embedding them in my blog to see how it looks.

The video can also be seen on my public profile on Facebook.

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Leica M9 at Christopher Lee & Fann Wong’s Wedding

by on Oct.09, 2009, under livestudios, photography

It’s the wedding of the decade with Mediacorp’s biggest celebrity couple’s wedding and I had the honour of being their official photographer with 2 of my LiveStudios colleagues Mike Hoi & Tata Tjahjadi.

I also had the pleasure of having the brand new Leica M9, Noctilux-M 50mm F0.95 and the Summicron-M 28mm F2.0 worth a total of S$30k to ‘test’ during their wedding.

I only had 1 day before the wedding to familiarise myself with the Leica digital rangefinder and the extremely thin focus of the F0.95 lens.

Started with the easier to handle 28mm.

Then I switched to the Noctilux 50mm which costs S$16k on it’s own.

Noticed the beautiful morning light from the window and got Fann to sit near it. Focus was really thin at F0.95. I could close the aperture down to F2.0 and get the necklace more in focus, but my Nikon 85mm F1.4 lens would have been able to easily do that at 10% of that price and would not achieve the beautiful bokeh (background blurring) that this image gives. At the minimum focus distance of 1 meter, the depth of focus is just a few millimeters.

If you move furthur away, focus becomes much easier.

F0.95 is too thin for fast moving events and would require the subject to remain at a certain distance for a while. Takes me about 4-5 seconds to get focused manually vs a split second on my normal camera. For the tea ceremony, I switched back to the 28mm and tested against a backlit window.

For more wedding photos of Christopher Lee (Li Mingshun) & Fann Wong (Fan Wenfang), head to

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Lewis Hamilton wins the Singapore Grand Prix 2009

by on Sep.28, 2009, under livestudios, photography

I was covering the Singapore Grand Prix 2009 from the Megu Hall at the Singapore Flyer for BridgeStone Tyres. They invited their staff, partners and even some lucky winners of a contest they held to be in the comfort of the Megu hall.

Performers entertained the crowd as they approached the Singapore Flyer

An interview with BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica

We watched other races in the afternoon like the Porsche cup.

Lewis Hamilton takes a lap before the race starts.

The Singapore Flyer had a cool party going on at the platform on the 1st floor with a huge screen to keep updates with the race.

Love the neon against the setting sky.

Lucky to catch the sparks .. pity about the fence.

I brought along the new Samsung ST550 dual LCD camera. And did a test in ‘Smart Auto’ mode while panning the camera. It handled balancing the flash & ambient light pretty well. I’m quite impressed.

Lewis Hamilton on his final lap winning the Singapore Grand Prix 2009.

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Revisiting nature photography after turning professional

by on Feb.01, 2009, under photography

After doing commercial, event and wedding photography for over 3 years, I realised that I haven’t been shooting for myself at all for a long time. I recall visiting the zoo and jurong bird park like 3 times / week after my whole department in Lucent Technologies was retrenched.

Photography technologies and equipment have improved dramatically since then as well. I brought my D3 along with the 200mm F2 lens to the bird park one morning and tried to see if there was a difference compared to a few years ago.

During my hobbyist days, I used to start early at the Jungle Jewels aviary trying to capture the hummingbirds, honeycreepers and the elusive yellow-hooded blackbirds.  Despite Dr Minerva’s advice to start at the waterfall aviary, I still visited my old haunt the Jungle Jewels first. However I quicky realised that it wasn’t as vibrant in the mornings as it used to be and promptly headed to the Waterfall Aviary.

The birds had their first feed at about 8.45am and they took turns flying to the dish to get their food. This was easy, I just had to find a good background and set the tripod up to wait for them to come. I caught a nice shot of a Livingstone Turaco posing for the camera.

LivingStone Turaco

I found this pair of crowned cranes looking for their breakfast along one of the side routes and started tracking them. I They didn’t move fast, but composition was important and I ditched the tripod and went handheld for more mobility.

Crowned Crane

I headed towards the hawk aviary for the show at 10am. I used to have a lot of problems catching flying shots of the hawks during the show with my Sony F505. The hawks were so fast I had to pre-focus and trigger when they passed the focus point. I probably got only 1 usable shot among the dozens of times I was at the hawk show those days.

This time, due to a combination of experience, fast focusing camera and a fast lens, I ended up with several decent shots during the show. This was my favourite among them. (continue reading…)

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Syllabus for Photography Courses

by on Jan.07, 2009, under photography

The recession is the perfect time for education.. and since I’ve already been conducting workshops, I might as well conduct regular classes for photography.

I’ve just started a Facebook Page for Photography Classes. Please add yourself there if you’re keen on the classes.

Each class is 3 hrs each, once per week.

$240 for 4 classes: Beginners PNS (Point & Shoot) Course
$240 for 4 classes: Beginners DSLR Course
$600 for 8 classes: Intermediate DSLR Course
$600 for 8 classes: Advanced DSLR Course

These are tentative so far and will be tweaked based on response.

I’ll be collating the photography syllabus topics here.

(continue reading…)

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