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What I learned from 2 million followers

by on Nov.03, 2016, under marketing, social media

I compiled these slides with a heavy heart after losing my facebook page on 8th Jun 2016.
Giving this talk is perhaps my way to memorializing 5 years of work and countless hours put in.

Not all is lost, I learnt a lot in the process and I know what makes the web and people tick.
I’m relieved I don’t have to put in all the time and effort to maintain this baby which has grown too big to handle.

So farewell to my 2.15 million followers, you will be missed.

What I learned from 2 million followers



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My Entrepreneurship Story – Willy Foo

by on Jun.30, 2011, under entrepreneurship, social media

Giving a talk jointly organised by

1) Occamlogic Consulting
2) Young Entrepreneurs Society
3) Chen Fu Ji Restaurant

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Social Doodle 1

by on May.18, 2010, under social media, technology

Just one of those social experiments I do from time to time.. :)
Go ahead to add on your creative strokes via Google Docs

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